Over-generalization done right

Boilerplate mess is only the beginning

How do you do the simplest task in the most complex way in iOS?

By using every design pattern known to men simultaneously.

Gods of men

Let us take our MVVM to heights reserved only for the gods of men!
  1. Rx provides events, binding, built-in state machines.
  2. MVVM requires you to attach bindings manually to view model, on which you build networking and whatever shit you deem convenient.
  3. Coordinator sets up your shit because your shit becomes too massive to setup.

Pro gamer move

  1. Remove MVVM
var model = State() {didSet { updateUI()} }

Vanity, my favorite sin

Some devs like to use Rx shit, because of the alleged high threshold of entry.


Write it without any dependencies. Try using property observers. If you think something is messy and may not scale, google POP. Composition by function is far easier than composition by objects.



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