Implementing useless MVVM with SwiftUI

Watching “Clean MVVM” in SwiftUI

A quick code review while waiting to play Elden Ring

Came across this gem (Implementing Clean MVVM With SwiftUI)on google.

Rename NotificationSettingsViewModel to NotificationSettingsHandler and nothing changes

Look, I get it. You want view state changes to go through view model.

vm.doSomething() // = "newdata", trigger view update
struct Model: View {
@State var data = "somedata"
func doSeomthing() {
data = "newdata" // trigger view update

Nested reference type objects

The “clean MVVM” guide passes 3 managers as argument to view model.


You can tell whether a dev is familiar with POP or not by checking if he has this urge to create a shit load of managers / view models.

vm1.settingManager = settingManager 
// settingManager conform to SettingManager



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