Debunking MVVM propaganda

Avert thine eyes. This will get ugly.

You know you suck when some MVC guy can teach you how to do MVVM

This is what a typical iOS MVVM tutorial would cover:

  1. Trash Apple MVC
  2. Ignore binding, or worse, try to do it manually like it’s no big deal
  3. Build around this retarded ambiguous shit called view model, which is nether a view nor model, and can do whatever a controller can do
  4. Write glue codes and over-generalizations to move shit out of view controller into another sink object
  5. Claim victory and profit

Code Review

1. Avoid auto-layout codes in viewDidLoad

var json = JSON() {didSet {updateUI()}}var endpoint = Resource("URL")//...
//endpoint.get().onSuccess {json in = json}
vm.event.onChange { self in ... }
vm.action = { self in ... }


We can make a ranking of developers based on above discussion:

  1. OK tier



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